Welcome to our online website accessibility policy. Our website has been designed to be as accessible as reasonably possible and to meet the needs of our disabled users. It is important to us that the widest possible audience is able to view our website. It is also a legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010. We recognise that different forms of disability affect access to websites. By making this website accessible we are adhering to standards that ensure all users can access this site. We have also approached the site design to make it easy to navigate and use for all users. We also ensure new content also meets Accessibility requirements and we continually review existing content. All users should be able to navigate the site, transact with online functions, can easily find contact details and can complete all of these tasks using common forms of assistive technology. If you wish to increase or decrease the size of our text you can do this using your internet browser. For example: Google Chrome: Menu>Zoom>Increase % (The default % is 100%) If you have any questions regarding the accessibility of this site or have any difficulty using the website please contact us with details of your query.

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